البدر للنظم الذكية

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Terms of use

1: Your subscription in any presented services of “Al-Badr Smart System” means your complete agreement on the following terms and conditions:

2: The content

2.1: It is strictly forbidden for the website to contain any materials that are against our Islamic law, hackers, hackers lessons or claiming for extremism and violence and what are against the applied laws in both Egypt and the USA.

2.2: It is strictly forbidden for the website to host anything that is considered secret or banned from publication.

2.3: It is strictly forbidden for the website to host anything that is protected by the Global trade Rules.

2.4: It is strictly forbidden for the website to host anything that causes the harming and threatening a person or any certain group.

2.5: it isn’t allowed to use any of the e-mail destroyers “SPAM“.

2.6: it isn’t allowed to use any services or activities that may cause the stopping of the server or reducing its performance.

2.7: The allowed limit for any website to use from the server sources is 15%.

2.8: “Al-Badr Smart System” has the full right to remove all or a part of the existing information on the server which it considers unwanted or against the convention of the hosting. And “Al-Badr Smart System” considers the keeping of a copy or a backup of the website is the responsibility of the customer, and it isn’t responsible for losing the stored data on the database or e-mail whatever the reasons.

2.9: It is strictly forbidden for the website to use a script or a program that isn’t licensed or doesn’t have property rights because this may cause the stopping of the website.

2.10: the customer is the only responsible one for taking a backup to his website.

2.11: it isn’t allowed to log into any non-permissible website within the server.

3: insurance

Anyone who asks us to host his website is agreeing on the protection of “Al-Badr Smart System” from any Legal prosecution or loss or damage caused by his own website. He also agrees to bear the full Judicial, financial and moral responsibilities for the damage he causes, and “Al-Badr Smart System” won’t recompense its customers for any damage of loss caused by carrying out any official instructions (local or international) to any customers.

4: Cancelling the booking

The customer can’t cancel the booking except if he phones us, and we aren’t responsible for any loss, damage or harms caused by cancelling the customer’s account after he demands that. And he is the only responsible one for having a backup for the website according to the term “2.11“.

5: using credit cards

“Al-Badr Smart System” considers that the person who uses the credit card to book a domain name or host a website is a person with full legal and financial eligibility to use it. Beside he knows that the person who misuses this card or uses a stolen one or a disallowed using card from its real owner may have the cancellation of the domain name and the hosting without any warning on proving the illegal usage of this credit card, and may face prosecution.

6: consumption data transfer quantity

In case of consuming the monthly data transfer quantity, the website will stop until the next month start.

7: Mailing Lists

Each website has the right to use a mailing list for its own provided that the mailing lists for the user don’t exceed the number of 3000 e-mails and they must be sent intermittently (150 e-mails per an hour as maximum). In case of violating this, the website may stop working, and in case of repeating this; “Al-Badr Smart System” has the right to remove the website definitively without any recompensing for any loss caused by stopping the website, and the customer doesn’t have the right to regain what he paid.

8: international domains

Domains that have international extensions as (.uk – .eg) are subjected to the applied terms for these domains, their registered destinations and all their modifications, and the company isn’t obligated with any breaking down or damage caused by cancelling the booking of these domains or any requests or papers that belong to these domains.

9: Service fees

9.1: all the fees of hosting, domain booking and designs are prepaid by the customer.

9.2: “Al-Badr Smart System” adheres to ensure the desk space, the desired specifications and preparing them in 24 hours as maximum after receiving fees.

9.3: the customer adheres to pay for all the renewing costs of hosting his website in ten days from the date of service expiration period, and “Al-Badr Smart System” isn’t responsible for any harms or loss caused by cancelling the domain name or the website after the expiration of the booking period and this is in case of not paying the cost of renewing the service.

9.4: the customer has the right to upgrade his website to a higher price plan with higher specifications and pay the difference in fees.

9.5: our prices may change from time to time and you don’t have the right to ask for the difference of changing.

9.6: the subscription of any deceiver and trickster will be cancelled.

10: contact:

The customer is responsible for the validity of his data and his e-mail because all mailing will be via it except for the booking cancellation which will be via a direct phone call.

11: the financial and legal legitimacy

“Al-Badr Smart System” considers any customer is a person with full financial and legal legitimacy and the treatment will be only through him. This means that nobody has the right to ask for cancellation the website, renewing the service or modifying it except him. And “Al-Badr Smart System” isn’t obligated to do any modifications on the service that presents to the customer without his preceding agreement.

12: The common privacy policy

“Al-Badr Smart System” will never use, distribute or publish your own data or the existed data on your website to maintain your privacy.

13: technical support

13.1: The technical support is only for hosting problems and issues; it doesn’t include the support for any pages, designs, scripts or programs on the website because it’s an independent service with independent cost from the hosting

13.2: “Al-Badr Smart System” isn’t obligated to reform or modify the problems that are caused by the misuse of the customer or the misuse of the visitors for the customer’s website.

14: The warranty of the website continuity

“Al-Badr Smart System” isn’t responsible for the losing data and databases if a defect on the server or the website occurs suddenly.

So the customer has to keep a copy or backup of all the existed files on the website. Actually, the servers are connected to the web with a rate that doesn’t be less than 95% per month, but if the rate became less than 95% per month during the subscription period, the subscriber would be recompensed with an extra period

15: the grantee of regaining money

Each plan of the annual or half annual hosting plans of “Al-Badr Smart System” includes a warranty of regaining money in 55 days.

If you weren’t completely satisfied about our services for any reasons and applied to cancel your subscription in 15 days from the beginning of your website activation, you will regain your paid cash except for the money which is paid to (InterNIC) organization for the registration of domains’ names or the fees of their transferring.

Also it should be remembered that any transferring fees by us or the customers are paid by the customers.

There isn’t a warranty for those subscriptions which are less than half annual.

The warranty is cancelled if the customer contravened any terms, and he doesn’t have the right to regain his money.

16: prices

“Al-Badr Smart System” seeks for ensuring the best offers with the least prices, but it has the full right to:

It can change the annual renewing prices of websites and hosting as it sees.

It can change the prices according to countries and customer who doesn’t have the right to ask for The price difference which is always different according to the customer’s desires.

17: Material and moral damages

“Al-Badr Smart System” has the full right to ask the customer for compensation due to any material or moral damages happen to the company caused by publishing any information against the terms or any programs which may cause harms to the reputation of the company or any of its staff.

18: all the terms are agreed on as soon as you had booked the service. Any contraventions will force us to cancel the website and there will be A fine of 200 L.E to activate it again.

19: “Al-Badr Smart System” has the full right to change or modify these terms without a former notification.