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What is the promotional system?

The promotional system:

 Start the electronic marketing and promotion of “Al-Badr Company” to your friends and relatives on the internet or your personal website and get a commission of 10% percentage on every buying process the visitor does through your own link on our website.

How to subscribe at the promotional system?

Through customers’ area of “Al-Badr Smart System” company, sign up and subscribe at the promotion system.

The income from the subscription at the promotional system:

As soon as you subscribe at the promotional system, 5$ will be added to your account in “Al- Badr company” and 10% percentage will be calculated on every buying process which customers had done through clicking on your own link of the company.

When can you withdraw your income from the subscription at the promotional system?

When your account in “Al- Badr company” reaches 50 $, it will be transferred to your account via Pay Pal, banks or mail (the transferred cost will be deducted)

How to follow up my earnings and income from the subscription?

Through the control panel of the customers’ area, you will be given a statistic displaying the visitors number via your link , the number of buying processes , earnings ratio in addition to a monthly report which you will receive on your registered e-mail at customers’ area.

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