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“How to record a new sale process in Badr Program for “Hatcheries Management

»Published in: Mon,4 January 2016

How to record a new sale process in Badr Program for “Hatcheries Management”:

Choosesalesfrom the main page.

A page with cells in which we will fill the required data about the sale process will appear.

معل تفريخ الاختبارى

1: Choose the customer: you can choose the customer from customers list which is added to the database.

2: Assign the sale process date.

3: Choose the brand which you will sell.

4: Assign the sold quantity.

5: Assign the sale price of the brand which you will sell.

6: If there are any out notes or notes of selling process, write them down in the cell ofnotes” .

7: The program will calculate the sold quantity price automatically.

8: Assign the type of selling process (in cash or in term)

9: Assign the one who delivered and carried out the sale process.

10: Assign the one who received from the customer’s company.

After adding all data accurately, click on “save“. A new cell will appear to inform you that it’s saved successfully.


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