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Badr For Sales

»Published in: Mon,27 April 2015

“Badr Daily Sales” program.

It’s a specialized program in managing daily sales processes, point of sales and the storage management.

It’s characterized by the easy usage and the flexible ability to control it from anywhere via online copies or working on servers.

It supports using the bar code, multi-stores, multi- users and multi-references.

 For the Program Link CLICK HERE

:Some fundamental features of the program

It’s a specialized program for daily sales management.

It’s an easy usage program by which you can check your business easily and safely from anywhere.

.It’s available in Arabic and English language

.It’s easy to record sales and learn about

.It doesn’t need to be set up or installed on your device

.You won’t face problems of changing the operating system version or re-install it

.Saving your data in both safety and privacy

.(…..It’s suitable for any operating system (Windows / Linux / Apple

.The possibility of backing up the database

.It can offer you a system sales for the public and a wholesale for specific customers

.It’s a multi users system that offers references for each user

.You can register Manually or by a bar-code

.The possibility of software updating through our site

The program can be run on more than one device at the store without any need to buy another copies for each device.

.The program can be accessed through a PC or laptop, or mobile

.(Adding data items (Code – product name – Price – quantity

.Daily sales and purchases recording

.Displaying an inventory of the store to find out the existed quantities in it

.Displaying the store daily sales reports

.Giving alert for the shortage of products at the store

.Auto-calculation for the bill total price and discount without any need to use a Calculator

.Expenses recording

.Expenses report Printing

.A bar-code reader device supporting

.A bar-code items printing

.Customers data recording

.Reports of debit and credit for customers’ accounts

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