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The designing offer of “saving websites” for only 1200 S.R

»Published in: Wed,30 December 2015


for recent companies and small projects, you can have a website which enables you to show your activities and business on the internet easily, and through it you can market your business and products to reach your customers easily.

We will ensure you the following features with the best quality and the least price.

You will choose a nice design for your website from our designs gallery.

The design is so flexible and easy to browse from PC, smart phones and tablets.

We will design you the logo of your website or activity.

You can set any numbers of pages inside the website.

We can name your own domain as your website name (yourname.com)

We will ensure you an e-mail that has the name of your website with any number of names

(EX:_ info@yourname.com)

We will ensure you a control panel so that you can modify your website anytime easily.

We will add your website to the world explorers as “Google” and “Ping“.

Your website will be compatible with publicity rules of SEO, and will appear in the Advanced Searching Results too.

Your website will have a contact model and the main information pages.

We will design you social networking pages for your website on Facebook, Twitter and Google plus.

We will make you a channel on “YouTube

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